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Welcome to the Web Site of the CCTV INC., Athletics Little League Baseball Team. The A's, are in the Super 9's Division of the Coral Springs American Little League, (Florida, USA).

Attention: Face masks are recommended for the Children when competing at this Age with Player Pitching. Although Pitchers do not intend to be wild, often new Pitchers will not be accurate with their pitches like a more experienced Pitcher. As a result, Parents may want to consider investing in a batting face mask that easily attaches to each Player's Batting Helmet. These are commonly available at any major sporting goods store, in the Broward County Area.
This Year's Roster
(In Alphabetical Order by Last Name)
Shayne Antle # 7

Ryan DiPentima # 9

Richie Gallione # 8

Sammy Hargesheimer # 12

Andrew Horner # 3

Peter Lange # 14

Matthew Milchan # 11

Matthew Pezzullo # 10

James Rafferty # 13

Sonny Stewart # 2

Brandon Texiera # 5

Curtis Thompson # 6

Adam Westerdale # 4

Team Manager: Marc Texiera

Coach:Scott Thompson

Coach: Wayne Hargesheimer

Team Mom: Mrs. Jane Lange

Scorekeeper: Cathryn Horner


In a very close game, the A's pulled it our against the Marlins on March 16, 2002. Behind a strong pitching performance by Curtis Thompson, and big hits from Sammy Hargesheimer, the A's beat the AL Marlins 11-8, bringing their record to 5-0 on the season!

"A's WIN 4 STRAIGHT, 7-1!"
March 14, 2002: The A's WIN 4 straight, come from behind and beat the tough Giants in a "pressure cooker". After a slow start, the A's Bats came into form posting huge hits when needed, while the ace pitching of Andrew Horner with Brandon Texiera in for the save combined in the 1 run outing. Big plays by Matt Milchan in the field, with big offense by all the A's and significantly Sonny Stewart, Shayne Antle, Brandon Texiera, and Peter Lange.
"Brandon Texiera is King of the Hill!"
March 9, 2002: A's win 3rd in a Row against the tough NL Phillies, behind the strong pitching of Brandon Texiera. Brandon tossed three shutout innings and dominated the mound with some help from the big bat of Shayne Antle and the rest of the A's, beating the Phillies 11-6!
"The Super 9's Division"
The A's are in a Tough 5 Team Division of Coral Springs American LL, "Super 9's". You will see this Division become much more competitive than last year as in addition to the 5 Teams playing one another, they will also battle CS National LL Teams, which will be games played at Cypress Park Fields. The Home Field for the Super 9's American League, will be Macelderry Field. Both fields are located in Coral Springs, Florida.

The AL Division, consists of the following 5 Teams; Our CCTV INC., Athletics, The Giants, The Cardinals, The Yankees, and The Marlins.

The National league teams are The Diamondbacks, The Phillies and The Marlins.

Although the CCTV INC., Athletics are stacked up with some strong competition, our Powerhouse Line up coupled with our impressive Pitching and Fielding, are hopeful to lead us to a Division Championship. "Let's Go A's!
Athletics WIN Opening Game!
March 2, 2002: The A's matched up against the "powerhouse" NL Diamondbacks at Cypress Park, and win 11 - 5! "It was a great opening day", quoted A's Manager Marc Texiera, as the A's beat the Diamondbacks 11 - 5 in their away opener. " Our pitchers all put in strong pitching performances." " Our players have all contributed
with the bats so far this season. " The Diamondback's pitchers are some of the fastest pitchers we'll face this year." "It was an outstanding job by our players".The game saw the entire team contribute where there was great play by all participants with no one individual standing above the rest...a great team WIN!
March 8, 2002: Collins Field was the site of the A's Rainout make up game that saw tough competition from the Cardinals. However the A's won another big game 10-5 by defeating the Cardinals with strong pitching and good play in the field.
"A's Win 6th Straight!"

March 19, 2001-A's Win for the 6th Straight Time over the tough Yankees! In a pressure cooker, the A's beat the Yankees 7-2 after coming from a 2-2 tie in the last inning.
A's beat NL Marlins for 7th in a Row!"

March 23, 2002-The A's win their amazing 7th in a Row, by a commanding victory over the CS National Marlins! Curtis Thompson's big bat started to awake in this great win.

A's Lose their 1st Game!

April 11, 2002: The A's showed to be a little out of practice when coming off their Spring Break, as they were upset by the Diamondbacks in a tough one...13-3. It was simply one of those days that whatever could go wrong did go wrong and all Player's bounced right back from the loss.

A's back to their Winning Ways!

April 13, 2002: The A's are back on track with a big win against the Cardinals at McEldery Field 9-5! All A's Players chipped in for a great victory and were treated to Wiffle Ball & Bat Gifts by Team Sponsor CCTV INC., at the end of the game.
"CCTV INC., procures name rights"
March 15, 2002-Coral Springs, FL; CCTV INC., announced today that it has procured the name rights of Wells Fargo, Inc., and has filed for trademark, and service marks of the popular brand. It is undecided at this time, whether or not CCTV INC., will take the Wells Fargo brand for on-going operations.

"CCTV INC., to plan a Team Party...details to be announced!"

CCTV INC., the Team Sponsor, will be distributing an information flyer that will announce a Team Party to take place close to or at the end of the regular season. CCTV INC., enjoys its participation into Youth Athletics, and plans to present each Player with a small gift as its appreciation of each A's Player representing the CCTV INC., Team so honorably. This flyer will be distributed in 2nd half of the Season, and will usually consist of a Team-wide Game to see the Florida Marlins play, or a Team Party at an Area (youth oriented) Restaurant.

Visit the CCTV INC. T-Ball A's Website!

"Safety is a First Concern!"

We at CCTV INC., want to convey our "Best Wishes" to the Super 9's Athletics of the Coral Springs American Little League for a Great Season! We are overly pleased with the fine effort shown on the field and in practice this year on our Team. We want to stress to ALL PLAYERS, that the first reason and main focus for you is to have "A Lot of Fun"! If you are not having Fun, then it takes the beauty out of the game of baseball. Pay close attention to your Manager and Coaches as they will teach you how to play and understand the game, even better than you have imagined possible. However, do be safe! Two Years ago, we had a player who was hurt very bad, from being struck in head by another player swinging a bat in the dugout. Thankfully, that player, recovered well from his injury. However, this is a "lesson for us to learn from", as you must be safe and pay attention to what is going on around you at all times on the field and in the dugout. I wish you all a very happy, safe and Winning Season!
Richard K. Gallione, CEO

CCTV INC., would like to express its deepest sympathy to the Families directly affected by the Terrorist Attacks on our Great Nation of 9/11/01. May we NEVER FORGET, and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

"The Manager & Coaches"

Team Manager Marc Texiera with Coaches, assign the positions.

We should all be pleased as Players and Parents that Manager Marc Texiera, Coach Scott Thompson, and Coach Wayne Hargesheimer along with the other assistants, They donate their time to volunteer to cooridinate the CCTV INC., A's. Please understand that the Manager and Coaches are volunteers that are not compensated whatsoever. As a result, anytime as Parents that you can help in practice or on game-day, please do what you can to assist these fine "Role Models". This is important as they have jobs, businesses to run, and families that are demanding as well. So if we all team together our Team in the CCTV INC., A's will be more successful!

Email Coach Marc Texiera

"The CCTV INC., Athletics...Little League Baseball at its Best!"